Time To Fiddle

Log is now an octagon except for the square that will be on top. Here I'm drilling the end bore for a  1" steel pin for the tail center, A 1" pillow block is bolted to the wall and the 1" pin will support the log and spin in this bearing. 3/21/2012

The log is now about 12" between sides and 11.5 feet long.

The log is mounted and ready to roll.

Next job is to make it round.  Here  I'm using a second   shopsmith bed to hold the tool rest and without the power head and a 3/4 inch deep sorby  gouge.

Here a chunk of lead flashing is strapped to the light side to help balance out some of the vibration.

First stage turning

We're spinning this with a Shopsmith that has the powerpro upgrade so it will turn at 250 rpm.  This is a standard issue shopsmith face plate. It came off several times and it has finally settled down with 6 4" lag bolts that seem to be holding ok

The dark sections are high water content wood on one side which makes this log continually off balance. 

It's 2 days later and the top detail is done. Lots of hassels getting the lathe to hold still and not wag its tail. 

Nearing completion. Bottom detail is done and only the long taper needs finishing off and sanding. Note the long shavings. 

M0re shavings and some finishing techniques

Completed turning. About3 days work.  These homemade calipers were used continuously.

Moving it out of the shop to make room for the next one. It weighs a lot less but still a 3 man lift. Here it's riding the shopsmith castors. 

5/15/2012  Taking excess wood off the top and bottom flats to bring the last sections to final dimension. Framing chisels, slicks and planes are used.

Fitting first column. Balcony has been jacked up slightly to allow room. Then it is lowered onto the column.

Almost home. It's in the townhouse for some paint to slow the drying and a bit more wood removal.  Note  matching columns on right. 

Planning the installation.  It will sit on the subfloor which is supported by the big carrying joist. The top must have a tenon to go into a preexisting mortice left from the original column that was removed years ago. Pete, Mike, Curt and Silas discuss pros and cons.

The 2 new columns in place and painted, waiting only for molding. Then the suspension rod in the middle can be removed.
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