Vermont Ginseng

Random pictures of building projects. Vincents are all from basket case finds and Violins from local maple and spruce.

B Rapide 6V with BTH mag , Thornton rear damper cut in. Non standard horn, shadow carbs.

 Engine recently built by Mike White

 Black chrome bars , speedo in KM. Argentine special.

 Soft leather oversize seat

Vincent and violin building

 Russian machine gun and Black Shadow clear the roads.

 Full suspension rear end provided by 2 simple "P" shaped pipes.

Hey diddle diddle ...

 Home made rack on fully suspended rear end . Keeps bags off fenders.

HRD Shadow # 1995 

A nice sounding family

Birdseye maple back and sides 

Violin building is a long tedious process but not as expensive as Vincents. 

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