Climbing with Ben

My son Ben about 1988 - Growing up in Strafford Vt 

The boat builder . This strip canoe was a high school shop project. Pine strips fully glassed and epoxied.

His second boat was a kit from Chesapeake light craft.

Climbing the Ship with No Sail , Lyme Ctr NH- First ascent?

Very overhung 

Clowning in the Desert in Utah

Utah slot canyons wear out clothes fast

Canyoneering  in Sandthrax Canyon

An exercise in acrylics 

Finished product . He also did some remarkable wood carvings.

A passionate climber Ben could lead 5.12 routes and climb 5.14 rock problems. A couple of Bens climbs here, the Petit Grepon . 900'  ?  


Bouldering fanatic

Ben was religious about his exercise. When he wasn't on the rocks he was in the gym.  He never missed 2 days in a row  for many years.  He seemed to get by with 5 hours sleep most of the time so his gym time was often from 10 to midnight or whenever he could fit it in.

A day on the towers near Moab 

Epoxy metering device - Engineering/machining project

Ben learned Solid Works on his own where most students take 2 semesters. He made  engineering drawings of all the components of his own design and then being a competent  machinist  he fabricated all the parts on lathe and mill and assembled them.

Ben went on to get a degree in Physics from University of Colorado and then another in Biochemical engineering.

In his prime  - died from a fall from Longs peak  Aug 27 ,2010 at age 26.

He was a superman both intellectually and physically.

He was incredibly strong!
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