Local Pages  :

Turning Townhouse Columns  A real lathe job

Vincents and Violins 

Wood Work                                    Wood work gallery

Turning Classes

Strafford Trail  Project              Trail maps of the Strafford trail system

Band Mill Construction            Band mill build from scrap metal

Memories of Ben                          Our  son

Wassail Bowl                                Hand turned wassail bowls from spalted Maple   

Ginseng in Vermont                    About growing Ginseng in Vermont

Shot with an Olympus in the hills of Vermont 

Stellas Welcome to Kamaloops

Frenchies Reel

Gibby Gray

Amelias Waltz

'48 Series B Vincent Rapide 

Home made portage machine for strip canoe.

Jenny Nettles

Drunken Piper

Maple Sugar


Morell Mushrooms in May

Home Sweet Home in Strafford Vt

Whalens Breakdown

Peacock Rag

Arthurs Seat

Crossing to Ireland

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